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Helping to replenish your skin back to it's true form with technologies to mimick the skin's natural abilities

With so many products available it's hard to know the truth about skincare. Meaning ‘truth’ in French, Verite seeks to find and deliver the solutions ‘true’ skincare products should provide. Born in 1994 as a door-to-door sales brand, Verite has accumulated its skincare expertise by matching customers’ needs with the right products. To provide truly optimal skin, our products are developed to contain water-retaining substances such as Verient Moisturizing Water™ and Ceramide Intense Formula that mimicked the functions of the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF) and skin barrier properties. With these substances, our products prevent water from drying out in the skin layer and relieve the irritated skin so that you can maintain a healthy skin. They also contain functional ingredients for skin brightening and wrinkle alleviation to improve degraded resilience of the skin. Verite is suitable for all skin types as its ingredients are mild and skin-friendly. As a ‘true’ skincare solution, we aim to offer what is ‘right’ for your skin.