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Germination technology that unlocks the potent effects of seeds for your skin

The secret of beauty lies in the tiniest of seeds. Inspired by the energy produced by a seed when it sprouts, Primera developed the Germination Technology to provide an ecologically and aesthetically conscious approach to skin care. When a seed germinates or sprouts, the nutritious substances produced by the seed are extracted and used as key nourishing ingredients. We’ve tested 500 different types of seeds to discover the most skin revitalizing elements. As a natural beauty brand, Primera is also committed to eco-friendly production. In addition to using natural ingredients, our packaging is printed with soy-ink on FSC-certified paper to reduce the strain on the environment. Products like our Super Sprout Serum, Alpine Berry Watery Cream and Facial Mild Peeling Product demonstrate our fascination with creating quality products with natural method.

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