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Because a smile is your best beauty secret, experience great dental healthcare that beautifies

Median believes that a radiant smile can bring out both your inner and outer beauty, and it is important to take good care of the teeth that help create that wonderful smile. Based on this philosophy, Median not only promotes oral hygiene but also enhances the beauty of your smile. Our flagship products include the best-selling “86% Advanced Tartar Solution” for prevention of tartar formation, “Dental White” to give you pearly whites on top of dental health, and “Gum Expert” for enhanced protection of sensitive teeth and gums—the most essential part of your oral health. With a wide array of new products that cater to your dental care needs and lifestyles, Median has become one of the most sought-after toothpaste brands in Korea. Want to have a healthy, bright smile? Find the products you need at Median and give your mouth the best dental care possible.