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Fresh Pop

For a refreshingly cool scalp
and remarkably healthy hair!

Enriched with natural proteins extracted from nutritious superfoods, Fresh Pop is Amorepacific’s natural hair care brand designed to revitalize stressed hair and scalp. The brand name was fashioned by combining two words ‘Fresh’ and ‘Pop’ to associate its brand image with energy, youthfulness, fun and excitement. As the brand name tells, Fresh Pop offers fun and refreshing hair cleansing experience with its fruity packaging and fresh herbal fragrance while nourishing the scalp and hair with its natural recipe based on no three artificial additives principle. According to your hair type, Fresh Pop offers a different hair care solution customized to your needs and nourishes hair at the root, working inside the fiber to strengthen it, and smooths all the way to the ends. With the energy-boosting nutrients gained from superfoods, Fresh Pop aims to reinvigorate your stressed hair and scalp so that not only your hair, but also your daily life can be filled with full of energy!

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