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Our History


Amorepacific Group
opens new headquarters

Amorepacific Group opened its new headquarters in 2017 with the concept of white porcelain moon jar that represents Korea’s beauty in the same site where its business was first established in 1956. The new headquarters will be a new hall of beauty that plays a central role in achieving the group’s vision to become a ‘Great Company’ that changes the world with beauty.


Amorepacific Group ranks 7th on WWD’s beauty top 100

Amorepacific Group became the first Korean company that ranked 7th on the world’s top 100 beauty companies selected by Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), a fashion and beauty journal.

WWD 로고


Ranked by Forbes.

US financial magazine Forbes ranks Amorepacific as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, recognizing its constant game-changing products and deep investment in R&D.



Amorepacific further invests in Shanghai.

Buoyed by the success of the first, Amorepacific opens its Beauty Campus in Shanghai for integrated production, research, and advanced distribution center.


Amorepacific announces its 2020 vision.

The company sets its sights on the future and commits to continued progress in innovation and research with its “Great Global Brand Company” mission.


Amorepacific declares a ban on unnecessary animal testing for cosmetics.

Amorepacific further ensures that partners also voluntarily discontinue unnecessary animal testing.


Osan Beauty Campus opens.

To further grow its reach and scope, Amorepacific’s Beauty Campus, an integrated global production and logistics center, opens in Osan, Korea.


MIZIUM, the second complex of R&D center, is established.

Amorepacific establishes the second Research Center, MIZIUM, challenging for an uncharted dream to create new beauty in Yongin, Korea.


Cherishing sustainability, Amorepacific joins hands with DJSI.

Further elevating its environmental and social commitment, Amorepacific becomes the first Korean beauty company to join the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.


Initiated Beautiful Fair Trade, a unique raw materials procurement program.

The fundamental objective is to source agricultural raw materials for our beauty products from local communities that fairly share in the profits.


Amorepacific announces Sustainable Management Commitment.

Continuing its emphasis on the sustainability, the company advances its commitment to the environment.


Creation of revolutionary the Cushion Compact.

Amorepacific introduces its Air Cushion® compact through brand IOPE as an entirely new category which later takes the global beauty market by storm.


Amorepacific announces “AP Way.”

The company establishes its vocation, value, and credo, and underscores its deep-rooted commitment to openness, integrity, innovation, proximity, and the desire for challenge.


Launch of the “Makeup Your Life” campaign.

Supporting female cancer patients, Makeup Your Life uses make-up, skincare, and hair styling advice to enhance inner confidence and outer beauty.


Amorepacific joins the UN Global Compact.

Support its global-minded heart, Amorepacific’s CEO implements universal sustainability practices through the UN’s voluntary initiative.


Initiation of holding company Amorepacific Group.


The “Asian Beauty Creator” mission is named.

To underscore its pivotal role as innovator and creator within Korea and in countries beyond, Amorepacific announces its signature mission.


Beautiful World Fund for Heemang Store is established.

In order to honor the will of the founder, a microcredit support program was set up to help low-income single mothers to start their own business and realize their dreams.


The company’s name changes to Amorepacific.

With massive growth locally and abroad, including rapid releases of innovative cosmetics, the name changes to Amorepacific to highlight the company’s major rate of success.


Opening of Osulloc Tea Museum.

To foster appreciation for the pristine cultivation of the green tea on Jeju Island, Amorepacific opens the first tea museum dedicated to its tea culture brand, Osulloc.


Korea Breast Cancer Foundation is established.

Launching the “Pink Ribbon Campaign”, Amorepacific raises awareness of breast health with a new not-for-profit foundation.


Innisfree, one of the company’s Global Champion Brands, launches.


Sulwhasoo, one of the company’s Global Champion Brands, the brand launches.

With more than 30 years of heritage developing Korean herbal medicinal cosmetics, Amorepacific formally introduces Sulwhasoo.


Etude House, one of the company’s Global Champion Brands, launches.


Laneige, one of the company’s Global Champion Brands, launches.


The company name changes to Taepyeongyang(Pacific) Co., Ltd.


The company’s customer-focused “Unlimited Liability” campaign introduced.

Amorepacific announces its campaign of unlimited liability, putting its commitment to the customer, product quality, and consideration of the environment first.


Amorepacific’s Management Philosophy is issued.

To enhance its commitment to its employees and its vision forward, Amorepacific announced the Management Philosophy: Service to Mankind, Respect for Humanity, and Future Creation.


Amorepacific expands into China.

To satisfy a growing demand for Korean beauty expertise in China, the company opens its first branch in the country.


Opening of Research Institute.

Amorepacific establishes Pacific Central Research Institute to achieve further technological advancements in research and innovation in Yongin, Korea.


Mamonde, one of the company’s Global Champion Brands, launches.


Amorepacific’s first European factory opens.

In the heart of classic European art and culture, Amorepacific establishes an overseas factory in Chartres, France to collaborate and expand its message of beauty from within.


Miro brand launches.

Extracting the essence of green tea’s proven benefits, the world’s first green tea-based cosmetics products hit the market.


Pacific Welfare Foundation is established.

A new service arm of the company is devoted to improving the quality of life of neglected groups such as women, children, youth, the disabled and senior citizens.


Green tea farms in Jeju Island are cultivated as key beauty ingredient source.

Suh Sungwhan plants organic green tea farms in restored soil on Jeju Island, then a wasteland, to create the cosmetics industry’s first tea farm. This transformation completely upgraded the island’s ecosystem.


Museum of Cosmetics History opens for the first time in Asia.

Today it is called the Amorepacific Museum of Art. It is an institution dedicated to the antiques and artifacts of cosmetics culture in Korea, as well as making a meaningful contribution to local community and education.


Pacific Scholarship and Cultural Foundation is established.

Now known as the Amorepacific Foundation, the department offers scholarship work and cultural enterprise to encourage new pioneering researchers and institutions researching the fields of Asian Beauty, women and culture.


Amorepacific develops Korea’s first makeup campaign.

To shakeup Korea’s conservative and reluctant views of makeup, the company created the “Oh My Love” campaign.


Creation of ABC Ginseng Cream, the secret ingredient to propel the company into fame.

As the world’s first Korean herbal medicinal cosmetic, this ginseng-based cream, which was inspired by the ginseng fields surrounding the founder’s childhood home in Gaeseong, was the origin of today’s Sulwhasoo.


Oscar cosmetics created and exported.

As the first exportation of Korean cosmetics, the company developed about 20 Oscar brand products and exported to the overseas market.


Launch of Amore brand and establishes women entrepreneurship program.

The company develops the brand Amore (named after the Italian word for love). After the Korean War, it advances and supports female entrepreneurship with the Amore Ladies door-to-door sales program; expanding the company’s distribution channel while offering Korean women a means of income.


Yeondeungpo automated factory is opened to support and spearhead mass manufacturing.

Continuing in pioneering the manufacturing process, Amorepacific launches mass production cosmetics in Korea when it opens the country’s largest automated cosmetics manufacturing facility in Yeondeungpo, Seoul, Korea.


Helps define and create beauty through opening Beauty Counseling Center.

Furthering in Mission to be the one who changes the world through beauty – becoming counselors and influencers- Amorepacific opens the country’s first full-staff center, offering beauty classes and advice.


Suh Sungwhan expands horizons after visit to European cosmetic markets.

On a 40-day trip to research advanced cosmetic markets and companies in Europe, Suh Sungwhan, discovers the dream to extend his business abroad.


Hwajanggye, the first beauty magazine, is published by the company.

From making cosmetic products to offering expert beauty counsel, the company launches Korea’s first monthly beauty magazine with advice for a mass audience.


Installation of new advanced equipment developed with Germany.

Director of the research lab, Goo Yongseop, brings Airspun technology to Asia for the first time after returning from research in Germany.


Amorepacific builds first cosmetic research laboratory for in-house R&D.

As an investment to produce innovative ideas through advanced research and development, Suh Sungwhan builds the first cosmetic research lab in Korea, about seven square meters in size.


ABC Pomade is developed specifically for men.

Korea's first pure botanically-derived pomade became an instant best-seller; ideal for the era's ultra fashionable slicked, middle-part men's hairstyle.


Launch of the company’s first brand product Melody Cream.

The face cream became quickly coveted for its high quality formula and sophisticated packaging.


From the camellia hair oil’s success, a new company emerges.

Taepyeongyang(Pacific) Chemical Industries is established. Later to become Amorepacific, Suh Sungwhan held a grand ambition to make better products and meet the world beyond the Pacific.


Amorepacific's humble beginnings start with itsartisanal camellia hair oil.

From day one, Amorepacific’s mission was inspired by nature and commitment to quality. Yoon Dokjeong, the mother of company founder Suh Sungwhan, begins selling her own finely-crafted and meticulously-developed camellia hair oil in Gaeseong, currently a city in North Korea.